The scientific facts exposed; The propaganda exposed; The scientific facts regarding the coca plant or leaves have purposely been buried or willfully lied about since the fear mongering days of the early 1950’s.Some may claim earlier,but from the 1950’s on is when the outrights lies started to develope,but first the scientific evidence that undisputedly exposes ,coca in its natural state,’’solvent free,’’ is only coca.Everyone now a days is believing just like the ,’’hills have eyes,’’that there is cocaine in them there leaves,’’.They have told us this,and displayed a very well orchestrated false campaign to prove this lie has been very well done.’Kinda like the whole trickle down theory the rich put forward during the bush era,and we believed that koolaid,and look at us now!! ’They’’ will show everyone with there corrupted chemistry and test methods ,,’’right before your very eyes,’’see see that test shows positive for cocaine,we just showed you right before your very eyes,that test result said positive for cocaine,’’Well just like a magician,’at a carnival show,’they’’ have done a brilliant display of smoke and mirrors,’’at your fellow countryman's expense,not to mention our tax dollars,and the little fact that 168 countries at the United Nations saw right thru this smoke a mirrors magic trick when it came to the so-called ,’’testing’’ for cocaine. Here is what this so-called ,’’testing‘’’ is for so-called cocaine,.Let me remind you all,those very words,’’testing for cocaine,’’ are their words,not the truth.Furthermore at least up until 1996 they used the word,presumptuous testing for cocaine,which as you see later on in this paper why that word is very important.When they ,’’test for cocaine’’’they use something call ,’’drug reagents,’’.These ,’’drug reagents,’’ for ALL COCAINE TESTING ARE DIFFERENT AMOUNTS OF ETHANOL AND HYDROCHLORIC ACID.For poppyseeds the drug reagents are methanol and chloroform.Each ,testing kits,’’ has different reagents for each drug.Anyone that knows anything about chemistry can already see there is a HUGE,,problem here if there ADDING ethanol and hydrochloric acid to anyones pee when ,’’testing’’ for cocaine. Here is another HUGE fact,they never ever ,’’test ‘’,anyone for honest white powder cocaine,ever..They ,’’test’’[make] for a compound called benzoylecgonine.So lie number 1 ]of about 1000.They tell you,your employers,your loan,your life that they are testing you for cocaine,but there not.Here is the 2nd lie,there NOT TESTING ,,at all.There actualling making the compound benzoylecgonine thru the test method itself..Never ever is your pee tested without ethanol and hydrochloric acid added to it,ever!!!!!Now I don’t know about you,but I have never put hydrochloric acid or ethanol in my smoothy or tea,ever. In beginning chemistry you are taught pending your professor,’’’that all of chemistry is like a cooking recipe.’’.If you want good chocalate chip cookies,then u need to follow the recipe for how much sugar,eggs,chips etec,and the proper cooking times.So is true with chemistry,if you want benzoylecgonine,you will need soo much coca,soo much ethanol ,and soo much acid.The table of elements are your ingredients,and the little nmber at the bottom of each element are your teaspoons,how much of each element will you need.With this understanding,you can fully understand now,that coca+ethanol+hydrochloric acid=benzoylecgonine..This is what they have NEVER EVER told anyone,is how this ,’’testing’’/MAKING is actually done.Anotherward folks,your pee is never tested as you consumed coca tea,in water!!!!!!!!!!Now you will hear,’’no,no,’’from ,’’they’’ that your pee has magically transformed into bze.Well to prove its the actual ,’’drug reagants’’that cause these false positive and NOT the persons peee..Go out,buy one of those pee test kits.We used the dip stick test.We made 3 cups of tea.1 was at pee temperature,1 was actual just warm tap water,and 1 was actual quite cool,almost cold tap water.We proceeded to put a dip stick in each cup of tea,no pee added.Guess what folks,all 3 popped positive for bze with out consuming a drop of tea.But wait a minute,isn’t it written everywhere,’’in order to test positive for cocaine,[not really cocaine but bze]u must of consumed it’’’,hmmm,lie number 3.If you actually take the time to read the documents listed below,pay attention to page 13,14,15,and 31,[Drug testing methods for cocaine],and u will read for yourselves,that they most make this bze,in order to test it in a gas spectrometer.Now we also bought all 3 field kits availble to the public.The ,’’nikk’’ pouch kit,liquid base.The spray kit,and the ,’’nikk’’ wipe kit.The wipe and the spray both were negative as of 2012 for any bze,when testing a dry un-used tea bag/powderd tea.However,the nikk pouch test,[a liquid base test kit] we purchased in 2010 was negative.The one we purchased in 2012 came out positive.The reason why is this a liquid base test kit.They simply changed there reagant quantity of the hydrochoric acid.This is also confirmed in the documents mentioned below.The truth is folks,if you choose to drink or eat anything containing coca,and have to submit to forced random ,’’drug making test’’ you will not be tested as you consumed that coca.Be it as a tea w/water,or in honey,or as a flour,or as a smoothy.Your pee will have ethanol/hydropchloric acid added to it to make their bze.This is exactly how 2 poor souls lost tempory custody of 2 new born babies in P.A.,how dear they have a poppyseed muffin for breakfast,or the poor soul who lost 25 years worth of retirement over even accidentally topping his coffee off at 4 am w/his wife’s tea,she put in the coffee makers glass picture on the burner to stay warm..None of these folks blamed the poppyseed or the cup of tea.Tea or poppyseeds don’t lie or make corrupt policy’s based on money and the lack of humanity towards your fellow man.Only man makes those kinds of things,not nature.The test methods used today were called,’’ presumptuous’’, because they presumed you already did cocaine,thus justifying actually making the drug thru the actual test method by using the essentially the same chemicals used in illicit production to ‘’make the molecular bze,not to test for it!!!!,SO U WILL TEST POSITIVE FOR BZE IF YOU DRINK OR EAT ANYTHING CONTAINING COCA,. The word de-cocainized is defined in statute E.S.O,and G.R.A.S.bottum of page.].Those 2 abbreviations stand for,Essential oil and /or oleoresin[solvent free].Generally Recognized as Safe further defined as substances have no quantitative restrictions as to use,although their use must conform to good manufacturing practices.Normal folks see this meaning as clean environment practices used as any facility.Now some sites have literally censored this United States government definition,such as wikidictionary,and define decocainized as containing no cocaine,however,their error in this assumption their is cocaine in them there leaves.Well,if they're not testing for cocaine.If they're making benzoylecgonine thru the very test method in existence as of today,then how is their definition a valid one?Not to mention the huge truth that coca leaf or coca plants are a 100 percent natural product,thus in whole form,ie solvent free,there is NO CHEMICAL FORMULA FOR THE COCA LEAF IN WHOLE FORM!!!!Try it yourself,look up ,’’the chemical formula for the coca leaf’’.There is none.Not until they start extraction organic molecules out of the leaf itself,always,always using some sort of chemical extraction process do they even start getting a chemical formula. The propaganda ;;;; The fact is the propaganda machine to screw the Andean people started long ago..Remember ever document found in the Government Printing Office for the United States,states it is the United States intention is to terminate the coca plant grown by farmers NOT UNDER CONTRACT W/COMPANIES IN THE UNITED STATES.They want the coca plant exterminated to extinction levels for any farmer who doesn’t play ball with ,’’them’’..Never have they wanted a legitimate use of the coca plant in its natural form available to anyone!!!Why is that??I mean the lie that because its cocaine is now exposed,is NOT and they don’t even test/make cocaine,but bze,a inactive compound.The United States has a absolutely terrible history in treating people from different cultures like they were less than.Less important,less knowledgeable,less human.We have seen it in their treatment of our own Native Americans,the blacks,and now the white middle class,the poor,the elderly,and the sick. My point in comparring the coca plant to this is it is the same mentality in use today.The truth is,our people in government don’t give a dam about its people or they would of not allowed our society to be in the poor shape it is now.So its not about, us. .The regulation on coca being to ,’’protect’’ us is obviously a lie..The policies surrounding the coca plant are in place,not to protect any people,but to control a natural agricultural crop.Control it,thus reap all the monies surrounding it.Just like oil,land,,and any natural resources that any entity uses to survive,if some in the U.S.A. government can make a buck,they will and have destroyed any entity in there way.I say entity because its not always humans they destroy,wolves,horses,buffaloes all have been brought to near extinction in the name of ,’’BIG MONEY,’’.NEVER EVER BEING HUMANELY TREATED IN THE EXTINCTION PROCESS.This still continues today,B.L.M.[Bureau Of Land Management]has cruelly destroyed wild horses,recently displayed on Current T.V,,using the lie,’’their starving’’,,THEY WERE NOT STARVING AT ALL!!!!Big ranchers wanted the land.Current t.v. also recently displayed a entertainment show,’’cocaine unwrapped,’’and displayed a elderly farmer and his family..The very old mans grandson said,has no idea even what cocaine is.All his grandfather knew was he grew coca for flour,tea,chew,and because he has raised his entire family on a traditional agricultural crop as his father did.It was rich doctors,chemists,governments,manufacture,[coke a cola]medical companies,etc that destroyed the innocence of these people,their traditions,and the coca plant..Just as the United States did to our Native Americans and all the people,entities, mentioned earlier.They wanted the land that the only true Americans had,so they killed them,slaughter’d them,for ,’’their profits,’’.Many chemist need funding for their schools,their colleges,their pharmocuetical companys,and if your are willing to do the bidding for any government to demonize the coca plant,you will get any amount of money u want.You will read that ,’’The War On Drugs,’’ is the U.S.A. reasoning to destroy the people’s traditional use of coca,yet coca in its natural state,’’solvent free’’,has no physical similarities or effect as real cocaine.Attorney General Meese back in the 80’s,started this whole ,’’zero tolerance crap,’’which has destroyed sooo many more lives than it ever helped,but then again,it was never ever the intent to ,’’help’’ anyone.Again please take the time to read all attached documents at the end of this commentary. It is exactly like sayen eating a poppyseed muffin is like doing the terrible drug heroin,that is literally crazy.Like throwing the baby out with the bath water.One of the biggest use of propanga is telling eveyone in the world literally that there is cocaine in these plants,leafs.The way they have done this is 2 fold.First they literally changed the definition of cocaine,to now mean the plant nuclie.No other plant gets there nuclie re-defined as a drug,none!!!.Even though 99 percent of the population belief when they use the word cocaine,they are talking about a white crystalline compound,which it is,’’they have changed the very definition of cocaine in the last 20 years to mean the chemically extracted molecule,and the nuclei of coca,,some even make the ,’’jump,’’its in the leaf.Again never telling anyone how they concluded this experiment with the use of ethanol and hydrochloric acid..2nd huge propaganda tool was the removal of the word,presumptuous ,from the test making method used in all ,’’drug confirmation test kits,’’.Even calling them ,’’drug test kits ,’’ is a lie.4th is calling or putting on anyones record for life,they tested positive for cocaine,’’ when they never ever actually test for cocaine,ever..5th is the changing of the Code Of Federal regulations in 1996,which defined each compound as what it actually was,ie coca alkaloids,versus cocaine alkaloid,she purposely took this out..Several changes were made from Attorney General Reno,,,to destroy anyone who choosed to enjoy a tea product from other countries.She changed w/out public knowledge several humane,reasonable policy’s that had been in place for decades for no other reason but to screw anyone who choosed a tea or any natural product using coca not for any,I repeat any scientific reasoning..You will see these changes from the 1304.32,,,in 1996,,to the word omitted in 2004 and now 2012.,,,6th,Again they tell everyone they're ,’’testing’’ for cocaine,when they're not testing for cocaine at all and there actually making benzoylecgonine thru the test method itself by using the same base chemicals use in making the illicit drug in the drug ,’’testing kits reagents.7th,the other huge lie is ,’’in order to have tested positive you most of consumed the drug,’’that literally is a outright lie for those of us who have never touched true cocaine,ever.The unit of measure they use is NOT visible to the human eye.Furthermore you literally need a microscope that can see to the moon,to see 1 nanogram.8]The demand that anyone handling coca use the U.S. pharmacopeia formula in defining ,’’any coca,’’.The list of financial contributors to ,’’our’’ United States Pharmacopeia is all,I repeat ALL,,big corporation,huge.,which any other business would call for a ,’’conflict of interest,’’.The saving grace for the truth is in the ,’’solvent free,’’ inclusion in the definition of the G.R.A.S.,and E.S.O,, in defining de-cocainized,182.20..All these products of coca used in its ,’’solvent free,’’ form therefore by law are not illegal.We warn anyone though,this all depends on the judge now a days,not the law..As one attorney put it,any judge that want to make a name for him/herself or has a complete lack of humanity and reasonability in the ,’’law of the people’’ of our country,which now a days,judging from the 800,000.00 in our prison systems for minor drug convictions,first time offenders,literally getting 5 year jail terms for smoken a joint,,CRAZY,,,there are many many judges now a days judging from those numbers,that think nothing on the effect of their decision on humanity,that father,that mother,the ability for that man/ woman to ever to provide for themselves yet their family.Some will say,well thats the price u pay for ,’’drinking a cup of tea,’’Are they serious,tea,really.No sorry, thats where the line of ethical,morality,humanity,reasonability HAS BEEN CROSSED!!!!!!!!!!,,,,PAITA